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Khushi Baby

Wearable mHealth Solution for Maternal and Child Health at the Last Mile
Country: India
Website: Khushi Baby
Contact Person: Mohammad Shahnawaz


Khushi Baby (KB) is a novel technology platform to monitor and follow-up with maternal and child health at the last mile, based out of Udaipur, India.

The platform consists of a culturally-symbolic, digital, wearable health record for the mother and child; an Android application for both planning and for point of care decision making for the community health worker; a dashboard for health officials to follow-up with supply side gaps and highest risk patients; a community outreach platform of programmable and personalized voice call reminders in the local dialect to improve awareness and adherence for patients and their families; and curated WhatsApp groups to facilitate communication between health workers, supervisors, and officials for data-driven responses.

Most importantly this system is decentralized and patient-centric: a patient can travel to any health provider with the KB App and present their most updated health history, regardless of which tablet the health worker is using, and regardless of if/when the health worker last synced her data. Doing so allows for continuity of care as the mother travels from village-health camp for antenatal care to community health center for delivery back to the village-health camp for her child’s routine immunizations.


Khushi Baby

Level of development:

Marketed but with little documented field experience

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Khushi Baby wins the Innovation Jet d'Or of the Geneva Health Forum 2018 

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