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An application for diabetic children
Country: Switzerland
Website: Webdia
Contact Person: Jean-Luc Mando


Webdia is an application for mobile devices created by the father of a diabetic child, in collaboration with the team of the pediatric diabetology unit of the University Hospitals of Geneva in Switzerland. Webdia consists of a simple interface, making its use possible for children. Thanks to a large database and numerous pictures representing different amounts of selected meals, Webdia allows children to easily evaluate the amount of carbohydrates in their plate and finally to calculate the insulin dose that needs to be injected for a given meal.

Moreover, Webdia collects all blood glucose values entered into the application and thereby replaces a paper-based logbook. Finally, Webdia shares blood glucose values as well as its settings in real time with selected persons using the same account, thereby making this data available to the surrounding of the child or to its healthcare providers.

The child’s family can thereby participate in decision taking, and its healthcare providers can review data, even from remote locations. This allows modification of the insulin regimen, even in absence of the patient. These possibilities favour the child’s autonomy.

Webdia is available for free in English, German and French on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android.


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