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Search and semantics in medical research
Country: Switzerland
Website: Medplorer
Contact Person: Doris Paramythis


In Health Care, structured semantic data plays a vital role in utilizing and synthesizing information from different sources. Despite its usefulness, such information is very often extremely difficult to extract, interpret correctly, and put into further use: not only does the medical domain have its own extensive and very specialized vocabularies and jargons, but there is also a wide variety of sources that portray different, complementary aspects of health products’ and services’ lifecycles.

To address these challenges, Contexity is introducing a novel platform that can: extract semantic information from documents, publications, care records, self-reported patient experiences, etc., from internal institutional sources, or web-accessible resources; enrich and represent the extracted information in a structured form using a multitude of medical ontologies; and, enable both targeted retrieval and exploratory work over the entire domain of collected, inter-connected data.

The platform, which incorporates the state of the art in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, can be applied in the evaluation stages of product development, for the analysis of market and competitor status, for the assessment of products in circulation, and for other specialized tasks in domains such as the analysis of clinical trials, the fulfillment of regulatory reporting obligations, etc


Contexity AG

Level of development:

Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use

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