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MARCHESE ( Machine leArning based human ReCognition and HEalth monitoring SystEm)

Neonatal Health Monitoring System through Contactless Sensors
Country: Switzerland
Contact Person: Mario Di Castro


Health monitoring during the first moments of the newborn's life is important to prevent complications such as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which unfortunately is one of the main causes of infant death. The temperature, cardiac and respiratory activity of the newborn and his surrounding environment must be constantly monitored in order to alarm if there are any abnormal values detected and intervene as soon as possible.

An innovative monitoring system that does not include direct contact with the newborn would be advantageous for several reasons: it allows continuous monitoring of health over time, it is totally non-invasive since allows the neonate to move freely without obstacles like electrical cables and also it prevents abrasions on the newborn's skin since adhesive electrodes are not needed to be applied to detect vital parameters. The skin is the first defense barrier against pathogens and it is important to maintain its integrity especially newborns' skin, that is particularly fragile and weak.

The contactless technology that could be used for the realization of this project is constituted by IR UWB radar as well as accelerometers placed in the mattress in order to detect heartbeat and the movements of the chest during breathing.

Level of development:

Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use

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