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Making HPV-cancer screening accessible and affordable – for everyone, everywhere!
Country: Germany
Website: PrevoCheck
Contact Person: Anna Huber


About 5% of cancers worldwide are caused by the Human Papillomavirus. Abviris has developed highly specific blood-based HPV assays for early detection of HPV induced cancers. Initial data indicate a strong benefit when the assays are used in high risk groups like HIV infected people prone to contracting HPV-induced malignancies including cervical cancers. To ensure that HIV patients are spared the doom of the latter it is suggested to use the novel serological rapid diagnostic test (RDT) also for regular screening of HIV patients in order to detect pre-cancer lesions or tumors as early as possible.

This lateral flow immunoassay (Prevo-Check®) has proven highly sensitive and specific for oropharyngeal as well as anal cancer. Application and interpretation of result does neither require specific equipment, electric power or any accessories, nor does it need special training. Thus the simple and reliable RDT is predestined for use in resource poor settings but has its place also in developed healthcare environments.

Level of development:

Marketed but with little documented field experience

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