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3D-printed stéthoscope

A low-cost open-source 3D-printed stéthoscope
Country: Canada
Contact Person: John Kabaa Kamau / Tarek Loubani


Glia uses an open-access research, development and distribution model to create high-quality low-cost medical devices that are then clinically validated. By providing communities with open-access low-cost medical devices fosters a culture of self-reliance and sustainability. If low-resource communities can access the equipment they need via an open-access model, they are empowered to troubleshoot problems, customize designs to meet their needs and share their findings with others. The ability to share successes in an open-access environment allows medical and technical communities to work together and avoid duplication of work and long feedback cycles. This model allows off-patent devices to exist as high-quality low-cost generic models, which also exerts downward pressure on prices for high-quality premium brands. The Glia stethoscope functions as well as the market gold-standard Littmann Cardiology IV at less than 10% the cost.

The project was self-funded by Dr. Tarek Loubani. While Dr. Tarek Loubani and Mahmoud Al-Alawi are affiliated with Glia Inc., this research corporation is solely owned and controlled by Dr. Tarek Loubani. The funding for Glia Inc. is presently provided by Dr. Tarek Loubani and by the Shuttleworth Foundation.



Level of development:

Marketed but with little documented field experience


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