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Champions contre Ebola

Gamification for health promotion in Ebola context
Country: Switzerland
Contact Person: Sophie Wodon


CHAMPIONS CONTRE EBOLA is a smartphone app aiming at disseminating health promotion messages on Ebola. It uses gamification in order to let people proactively identify adequate behaviors. Players are asked simple questions about Ebola and proposed to choose between two answers. For each correct answer, the player earns stars which allow to unlock avatars. Correct messages, a short text and two illustrations, and certificates, earned with stars, can be shared on social medias. The app, available in French, Swahili and English, can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or shared via Bluetooth. The game has been developed in partnership between MSF and Pixel Impact.

CHAMPIONS CONTRE EBOLA has generated a very positive response. It must be understood as a complement to standard health promotion tools. Its main advantage is the fact that it allows people to proactively make decisions on what are the correct behaviors and become actor of their own health. This proactivity, enabled by gamification, might allow people to better remember the messages.


Pixel Impact

Level of development:

Marketed but with little documented field experience

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