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Microarrays for immunocytochemistry and sample storage media for oncology diagnosis

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Country: Russia
Website: Biochip
Contact Person: Sonya Kuznetsova

We present two types of diagnostic microarrays for immunocytochemistry analysis in oncology. Immunocytochemistry microarrays permit to detect one or several diagnostic markers in biopsy material with fluorescent or cytochemical (enzyme+colorimetric subsrate) readout. This type of microarrays can be used for cancer diagnosis in all types of biopsies, lavages, ascites, and effusions by detection of both surface of intracellular diagnostic antigens. Immunomorphology microarrays permit to sort the analyzed cell suspension according to surface antigens for subsequent HE or Giemsa staining and cytology/morphology analysis. This type of microarrays can be used for blood, bone marrow aspirate, ascites and effusions analysis in leukemia and lymphoma diagnosis.

Both types of microarrays can be used in any lab performing conventional immunocytochemistry of morphology and do not require additional equipment. Proprietary sample storage media permits to conserve the viability of eukaryotic cells for up to 7 days and can be used to store surgical or aspirate biopsy material prior to analysis by cytology or immunocytochemistry.


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