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Buendia: Electronic Medical Records for Ebola

An EMR for quality care in high biosecurity low-resource settings
Country: Switzerland
Website: Buendia
Contact Person: Ivan Gayton


The Buendia Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system was conceived and built with biosecurity and resource-poor conditions as baseline assumptions, and developed in collaboration with field users.

The software engineering team spent part of their time in an Ebola Treatment Center (ETC) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo working directly with medics and patients. In part as a result of development being field-based, the system differs from most EMRs in several respects. The hardware (tablets, servers, and networking) is all low-cost commodity equipment, relatively easily replaced. The system does not require any Internet connection whatsoever, even for backups, updates, and data export. It is tolerant of unreliable power and harsh physical conditions: heat, humidity, dust, and the ubiquitous chlorine used in Ebola management. As Ebola treatment is not yet well-standardized, patient chart configuration is done via a spreadsheet, and is therefore manageable by clinicians.

The project was managed by a collaboration between several MSF sections with support from external donors and an engineering team with a profound focus on open source; quite different from the more common partnership with commercial tech entities.

Level of development:

Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use


Buendia project wiki

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