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GNU Health

Free Software for health and hospital management
Country: Spain
Website: GNU Health
Contact Person: Luis Falcon


GNU Health is a social project that provides a community-based, Free/Libre Health and Hospital Information System deployed in many countries around the globe. GNU Health combines Social Medicine and Primary healthcare principles with state of the art technology in bioinformatics and precision medicine, delivering a valuable framework for governments and Public Health institutions, as well as for academic and research organizations.

The main areas of GNU Health are: 

  • Individual and community management: demographics, domiciliary units, families, operational areas and sectors, ... 
  • Patient management: Socioeconomics, lifestyle, encounters / evaluations, hospitalizations, lab reports, clinical history, ... 
  • Health center management: Finances, stock, pharmacy , laboratory, beds, operating rooms, appointments, supply chain management, human resources, ... 
  • Information management: Reporting, Demographics and Epidemiology

These areas involve multi-disciplinary teams, with different responsibilities. For example, the individual demographics and status of the domiciliary units (DU) can be collected by social workers, the patient management by health professionals, the health center management by administrative personnel and accountants, and the Information produced by the health center can be processed and managed by the Ministry of Health authorities.

With the new GNU Health Federation it is possible to set up a network of so called „GNU Health nodes“ that form a regional or national health infrastructur. Most of the information coming out from daily medical practices can now be sent to the Federation, and be shared across the network.


GNU Solidario

Level of development:

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