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A Computational Pathology based point-of-care system for Cervical Cancer detection
Country: India
Website: CervAstra
Contact Person: Adarsh Natarajan


Our Vision is to save lives through early detection of critical illnesses at the point-of-Care by democratising access to quality healthcare, through the use of deep technology.

Our mission is to build innovative products and technologies to aid in Point-of-Care critical illness detection by using Computational Pathology. We're working on making healthcare more accessible, affordable and agile. In our Artificial Intelligence based Computational Pathology platform, we are using a combination of state of the art medical hardware devices and software algorithms for diagnosis. This platform enables faster and more reliable diagnosis of critical illnesses.

The first of such products leveraging this computational pathology platform is CervASTRA, a point of care screening system for Cervical Cancer, that is quick, affordable and accessible to the low income countries as well. Our intelligent screening system CervASTRA, tailwinds the development and striking benefits of computational pathology.

This system consists of an automatic slide stainer, a whole slide image scanner and a deep learning algorithm for detection of cervical cancer. It is a convergence of Optics, Mechatronics, Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) and Cloud Technologies and aids in the analysis of biological specimens through the use of AI.


Aindra Systems

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Level of development:

Marketed but with little documented field experience

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