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Smart Scope

Advanced Technology for Point-of-care Settings
Country: India
Website: Smart Scope
Contact Person: Veena Moktali


 Smart Scope® CX is a patented portable device to screen cervical abnormalities in a single visit in point-of-care settings.

We have worked with gynecologists in private healthcare and with physicians and auxiliary nurse midwives in the public healthcare systems since 2015. Smart Scope® helps these professionals in the following several ways:

  1. Hardware advantages: As a trans-vaginal imaging device, it helps them conduct the test easily and quickly without depending on a special setup.
  2. Software advantages: Its inbuilt telemedicine system facilitates remote consultation.
  3. Artificial Intelligence-enabled model allows a trained health worker or medical officer to provide a screening report within minutes.
  4. Disposables kit advantages: A convenient kit allows them to conduct the tests in a hassle-free manner, anywhere anytime.
  5. Does not require mains electricity or batteries or special setup.


Clinical studies at Tata Memorial Center and other research institutes have shown a tremendous promise. Smart Scope® has been used for thousands of community based screening tests.

Last year, we deployed 100+ units in India, in public as well as private healthcare.

Level of development:

Marketed with well-documented field experience

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