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Intelligent cold chain monitoring in real-time
Country: Nigeria
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In Africa, 52% of children hospitalized with severe and life-threatening anaemia who are not able to receive a blood transfusion immediately die by 8 hours with 90% of these deaths occurring within 2.5 hours of hospital admission (ICCARE). Only 4% of children who received a transfusion within 8 hours die, emphasising the importance of the availability of blood transfusion as a life-saving intervention. The most common cause of maternal deaths in Africa is severe bleeding, which contributes to over 40% of maternal deaths. It has been estimated that a quarter of these women die because of blood shortages due to unavailability of cold chain.

The lack of reliable cold storage and inefficient cold chain management results in high waste rates and poor immunization coverage (MSF, 2014). WHO (2014) reports that in 2011, more than 2.8 million doses of vaccines were lost due to cold chain disruptions in five countries, and various studies pointed out the risk of vaccine freezing. Vaccines that are exposed to too hot or too cold temperatures may not only lose their effectiveness but also prove deadly to the vulnerable populations they are intended to protect

Gricd aims to play a part in bridging the gaps in healthcare cold chain in Sub-Saharan Africa.

From coolers that store medications and enable vaccination outreaches in remote locations, to cooling vans that transport harvest from the farm to the consumer, the cold chain is crucial part of our lives from production to the last mile. But with challenges such as unreliable power supply or using coolers and ice packs in humid weather, the cold chain needs reliable autonomous cold chain solutions for the last mile.

Starting from prototyping with a local gourd pot, we built a smart cold chain box that could help people keep their temperature sensitive commodities at regulated temperatures during storage and transportation.

GSM enabled sensors that provide real time location, temperature conditions of cold chain medication being stored or transported to or from the last mile.

Gricd boxes can be controlled and monitored in real-time, allowing health organizations take pro active decisions that reduce medication wastage.

Access to new markets and market share. There is a large cold chain market that needs to be reached. You can breach that gap with our cold boxes.

Ability to move premium commodity. We offer an IoT enabled, efficient and trackable system of conveying items that are dependent on cooling.

Data is important to make intelligent proactive decisions that can curb losses of perishable goods and commodities. Gricd real-time data loggers provides businesses with the real-time relevant data that they need to minimize their product losses and increase their revenue.




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