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Reimagining the Gynecological Exam
Country: USA
Website: Callascope
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Calla Health Technologies is centered on sustainably improving women's access to cancer prevention. Creating innovations that increase wide scale surveillance of cervical pre-cancers and cancers.

The Callascope is designed specifically for self-imaging of the cervix, without the speculum. The key benefits of the Callascope is:

  • Speculum-free, self-imaging enabled – The Callascope has an introducer that removes the need for the speculum to expand the vaginal walls. This yields reduced discomfort and vulnerability and gives users a sense of ownership over their reproductive health
  • Small, portable, user friendly form factor – Easy to hold and manipulate for self-imaging
  • Affordable Device
  • M-Health Enabled – Users can download an app onto their phones which connects to the Callascope and allows real-time imaging and saving of images.
  • Data/Research Enabled - Option for users to share their anonymous data in the form of cervical images. An opportunity for aggregation of data on disease prevalence.


Duke University

Level of development:

Marketed but with little documented field experience

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