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Better Body Bag

Setting new standards in identifying victims of natural disasters and armed conflict
Country: Switzerland
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Together with forensic experts from the International Committee of the Red Cross we have developed a Better Body Bag.

It significantly improves the chances of identifying victims of natural disasters and war. Also, the Better Body Bag helps manage the dead in post-catastrophe scenarios where infrastructure was destroyed.

A new and innovative design for improved victim identification and solve different problems after catastrophe:
The absence of a person's body, such as in disaster scenarios, may cause legal and sociocultural issues. This absence also creates uncertainty and suffering for individuals regarding the life status of their absent close one. The identification of bodies in forensic cases is considered extremely important in providing closure.

Body bags play a vital role in early coordination stages of disaster victim identification as it is a tool that allows for storage, isolation and transportation of the bodies of deceased people.

Social Solutions Research Association (SSRa), a Swiss based NGO, has responded to the challenge. In collaboration with field forensic experts of the ICRC, we have created the “Better Body Bag”, which is lighter, stronger and can delay decomposition, solving many different problems in post-catastrophe scenarios.

  • Delays decomposition over 72 hours
    Innovative materials, absorbent polymers and closing mechanisms allow passive temperature management, reduced humidity and oxygen as well as better isolation from external factors.
  • Vacuum technology.
    Hermetically sealable and ready for extract air with standard pumps.
  • More resistant and lighter.
    Improved puncture and great tear resistance at a reduced weight.
  • Contains odours and liquids.
    Super-absorbent polymers stop leakage of decomposition materials.
  • Competitive price compared to standard body bags.

Together with forensic experts from the International Committee of the Red Cross and supported by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund from Elrha.

Level of development:

Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use

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