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Verifie addresses a dire and unmet need in Ghana and other parts of Africa where current interventions for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are colloquial, unattractive to young people and address only certain aspects of sexual health. There is also a significant cultural opposition to premarital sex, and a taboo around the topic of sex and sexual health in general, making it harder for the youth to access information and healthcare.

Verifie offers a fresh and innovative approach by using fun and relatable ways to get young adults interested in their sexual health through the use of social media and our mobile application. We provide and connect young people to safe, high-quality, judgement-free, confidential sexual health services in their homes, approved clinics and on a large scale at conferences and events. In addition, Verifie offers an innovative mobile application, helping patients connect with providers, track their test results, and maintain a countdown clock toward their next annual exam.

Till date, over 2,300 patients have been screened. Those in need of medical support including newly diagnosed HIV+ patients have been offered a pathway to a trained practitioner ready to work with them openly and honestly on a treatment plan.


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