Innovative practices in global health
Pratiques innovantes en santé globale

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Un outil d’aide à la dispensation des antirétroviraux
Country: France
Website: TACOJO
A revolutionary technology designed to increase access to prosthetic care
Country: Germany
Website: Amparo
An innovative methodology to develop resilient communities
Country: Belgium
Treating cervical cancer in remote areas
Country: USA
An conversational artificial intelligence to empower people with Sickle-Cell Disease
Country: Switzerland
TrueMed builds a safer world by protecting lives, societies and revenues
Country: Finland
Website: TrueMed
Anywhere, Anytime, Real Time PCR
Country: Switzerland
Improving patient care as we reach trachoma elimination
Country: United-Kingdom
Website: TT Tracker
The use of Near Field Communication technology to improve tuberculosis management on the Thai-Myanmar border
Country: Thailand
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