Innovative practices in global health
Pratiques innovantes en santé globale

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Yours hands are your credentials; your veins protect your privacy
Country: Switzerland
Website: Veintree
Sexual health for you
Country: Ghana
Using VR to practice pediatric emergencies in resource-limited settings
Country: Switzerland
Quality care begins with an accurate diagnosis
Country: USA
Website: VisualDx
Outil de prévention de la douleur par la réalité virtuelle
Country: Switzerland
Website: VR-Relief
A medical and scientific research company, VR medical simulation and practice technology developer
Country: Russia
Website: VRSIM
Giving all health workers access to specialist advice and referrals
Country: South-africa
Website: Vula Mobile
Self-sampling veil for the diagnostic of HPV
Country: Cyprus
Website: VVeil Up
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